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The following benefits are just some of the reasons to obtain Certification.



In the state of Massachusetts, the CADC (Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor), the CADC-II (Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor – Advanced Level), the CCS (Certified Clinical Supervisor), the CCJP (Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional) and the CPS (Certified Prevention Specialist) are international credentials that are recognized throughout the world via reciprocity.  They meet the national and international standards set by the IC&RC (International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium); thus, these are the only credentials in Massachusetts that have guaranteed reciprocity with most other IC&RC member boards.  This is a very important benefit.

The ability to transfer (for whatever reason) current, IC&RC recognized credentials to other IC&RC member boards (which offer corresponding credentials) is vital.

In addition to allowing MBSACC Certified professionals the ability to more easily relocate to another state or jurisdiction, holding one of the reciprocal level credentials often leads to an enhanced career standing and the potential for greater advancement. *

* For a list of IC&RC reciprocal member boards, please visit the IC&RC website at and click on Board Directory



Certified counselors through MBSACC have demonstrated competence to a most exacting review.  Becoming certified recognizes achievement of a standard of professional education and experience necessary to provide quality prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery services.



The value of certification is to ensure that services are provided in an appropriate and ethical manner and, most importantly, to ensure public safety.

Through the continuing education required for renewal of certification, practitioners are able to maintain their knowledge, skills, and abilities while staying informed of new and emerging trends in the field.

Mass Update

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MBSACC website!



For testing information, please click on the “Testing Process” button (left).




For the CARC (Certified Addictions Recovery Coach) credential, the test-exempt period has been extended to  March 31, 2019.  For CARC requirements and application materials, click on the “Credentials and Requirements” button (left).


Changes have been made to the CADC (Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor) requirements for training and education.  The overall number of required hours has increased from 270 contact hours to 300 contact hours.  For specifics, please refer to the CADC requirements on the “Credentials and Requirements” button (left).


Changes have been made to the CPS (Certified Prevention Specialist) requirements for training and education.  For specifics, please refer to the CPS requirements on the “Credentials and Requirements” button (left).

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