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MBSACC has transitioned from written exams to computer-based testing. Continue reading for the details.

FOR CERTIFICATION (all Certification credentials) -

Applicants for Certification credentials should click on CREDENTIALS AND REQUIREMENTS for the Certification they wish to pursue. Test information will be found in the Requirements for each credential.


FOR LICENSING (LADC – all levels) -

MBSACC and the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services – LADC licensing unit in the State of Massachusetts are two separate and distinctly different organizations. In cooperation with the bureau, MBSACC will administer the IC&RC International Exam for Substance Abuse Counselors to licensing applicants, and the bureau will accept the results of that testing for LADC applicants.

LADC applicants will download, complete, and submit to MBSACC (along with the test fee) the Licensing Test Reservation Form found by clicking on the OTHER FORMS button. Within 30 days, MBSACC will forward to the testing company (ISO-Quality Testing) the necessary application information, and ISO will notify the applicant (via email – please adjust your SPAM filters) of the instructions for taking the computer-based test.

Testing center locations will also be provided to the applicant by ISO with the test information. The applicant will have six months from notification by ISO in which to schedule and take the exam. Applicants whose test fee will be paid by the MA Rehabilitation Commission will not be allowed to schedule an exam reservation until the fee has been paid.

Test results will be provided to the applicant via email by ISO. If an applicant fails the exam, she will have to wait for a period of 90 days before the exam can be rescheduled. Failure to appear at the scheduled testing appointment will result in the forfeiture of the test fee. The testing company will provide additional information on cancellation policies. Upon passing the exam, licensing applicants should contact the LADC licensing bureau for
information on the licensing requirements and the application process if they have not already done so.

Testing Process

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