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GENERAL INFORMATION 51% RULE – In order to become certified in any MBSACC credential in Massachusetts, an applicant must live and/or work in this state at least 51% of the time; otherwise you will need to apply in the state in which you work or live. This is an

IC&RC policy.


BOUNCED CHECKS – If a check/money order submitted to MBSACC does not clear the bank, the individual who submitted will be responsible for not only the original amount of the check but also for the $20.00 fee MBSACC charges for checks/money orders that

do not clear.


DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED TO MBSACC – Once a document has been submitted to MBSACC, it becomes the property of MBSACC, and the individual submitting waives all rights to that document. MBSACC does not provide to any applicant copies of any document submitted to us, for fee or otherwise.


CHANGES OF ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION – It is the responsibility of the colleague or applicant to notify of any change in address or contact information. MBSACC will not take responsibility for information delayed or not received by an individual due to that person’s failure to keep us informed of changes.

General Information

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